Cuban graphic designer graduated in Havana in 2009. Currently resident in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Passionate about corporate identity, the design of the user interface and experience, illustration, editorial design and photography. I like challenges and meet people from different cultures. I totally commit myself when I receive a project and constantly study the new trends in graphic design.
UX / UI Design Management of digital dentistry solutions
United States
Art direction in advertising campaigns, user interface design of websites as well as promotional materials of important companies such as Hyundai, Santander Bank, National Football Club, Casmu, among others.
Design of websites, mobile applications and corporate identity of various companies such as Loyola, Havana Keys and Dofleini among others.
UI / UX Designer
Design of the computerization program of the Ministry of Higher Education of Angola, Institutional Website and Management System of the INAGBE Institution. (Internationalist Mission)
Design of UI / UX web of Cuban companies such as ETECSA, LABIOFAM, Omnibus Nacionales, MINAL and ONEI among others as well as didactic materials for the Ministry of Education of Venezuela.
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